The Club des Jeunes Entrepreneurs

What is the CJE?

In collaboration with the student bodies from the Pharmacy departments at Université de Montréal (AEPUM) and Université Laval (AGEP), the first association for students who wish to become owner-pharmacists.

Why was the YEC created?

While Pharmacy programs are well-suited to prepare students for the job market, they don't always address the needs of those who wish to become entrepreneurs. And since becoming an owner-pharmacist in Quebec requires a certain level of managerial skills, we wanted to address that need.

Pharmapar has created the CJE to provide students with the tools and information they need to own a pharmacy.

Who can benefit from the CJE?

The CJE is designed for pharmacy students in their second to fourth year, who are serious about becoming owner-pharmacists.

What are the advantages of joining the CJE?

Here are some benefits of being part of the CJE:

  • VIP invitation to the Club's biennial activities;
  • monthly CJE newsletter including testimonies from owner-pharmacists and articles pertaining to entrepreneurship and management;
  • access to the Club's private Facebook page;
  • networking opportunities with owner-pharmacists seeking a pharmacist or an associate.


To subscribe

The only thing you need to become a member is motivation.

This is why we ask each student to fill out a form to help us understand their needs and identify any shortcomings related to management so we can recommend articles and tools to help them reach their goals.