About Us

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Once upon a time... BIOMED PHARMA!


Biomed2002, a company specializing in the distribution of generic drugs throughout Quebec, was founded in 2002.

In the summer of 2014, the affluence of new employees combined with a strong desire to grow encouraged the company to revamp its corporate image to become:
Biomed Pharma!

In July 2016, the company joins the KDA Group (TSXV: KDA), bringing together 6 other companies in the field of health.  

Then, due to recent legislative changes in the pharmaceutical industry, Hugues Gélinas and Svani Beauséjour acquired the company in order to allow Biomed to evolve independently of Pharmapar, a subsidiary of the kDa Group that has not signed the manufacturer's agreement, and to try to grow Biomed Pharma as quickly as possible in this new legislative context.

The main objectives will be to innovate and maintain a flawless customer service to improve and facilitate the daily lives of health professionals and their customers. To do this, an ever wider range of products and services will be offered to better meet the needs of their customers. The Biomed Pharma team will also ensure the continuity and development of the PharmaBlogue, the Young Entrepreneurs Club (CJE) and the PlanSanté.



Our engagement

All Biomed Pharma members are working together to accompany the pharmacist, not only in the sale of its molecules, but also in its daily work, in order to support him through the challenges and various realities of Quebec's pharmacy field. We ensure to become a partner of trust for all our customers.

We are also working to develop and diversify our product selection.



Our approach

At Biomed Pharma, we prescribe a personalized approach for all our customers.

The flexibility of our administrative structure and the dynamism of our team allow our company to distinguish itself at every level.

 Our sales representatives, supported by the administrative team and its ecosystem of experts, help their customers to target the various needs and challenges in order to make all necessary efforts to help them in the development and the optimization of their pharmacy. All done in a practical and effective manner!

Let us support you in the development of your pharmacy!



100 % Quebec owned

Biomed Pharma is proud to be 100% Québécois!

Our customers are solely pharmacies located in Quebec, and this, since nearly 10 years, thus it is with confidence that we affirm our expertise on how to support you through your daily work.

The head office and the administrative offices are located in Saint-Léonard, North East of Montreal, as well as in the brand new Griffintown area.


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